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Pubs in Austin

No doubt that once you visit Austin, you will get in love with it. This is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the United States and a great place to move in case you are searching for a city to help you begin a new life. Regardless of why you are planning to go to Austin in the near future, once thing is certain: you will have a great time. You’ll find eclectic museums and a blooming art scene, a very vibrant music scene while the food has been taken to the art level; I know that you will be fascinated by the love that Austin’s residents have for food and craft beer. Speaking about food and drinks, there are a few pubs which you have to check out while in Austin. The Blind Pig Pub is where you can listen to live bands and even dance, as there is a dance floor; you also have to check out its rooftop patio while enjoying one of the craft beers in the selection available. The Waller Creek Pub House is another place where you can try numerous craft beer taps which go perfectly with some fish tacos. The vibe is very chill, much chiller than you would expect for the vibrant nightlife of 6th Street but you will surely like it.

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